Water Saving Tips

Check back soon for more water saving tips. You don’t need a plumber:

  1. When washing dishes, do not turn the water on full force to rinse. You can do it with just a trickle of water.
  2. Washing. Get wet, turn off the water, soap up, turn on the water, rinse, turn off the water, dry.
  3. Write to your state senator and assembly person to stop fracking in California! Fracking wastes an incredible amount of water!
  4. Do laundry once a week only. Fill the washer for each use.
  5. Make sure the dishwasher is full before each use.You may need a plumber:
  6. For business and government offices: replace the urinals with waterless urinals.
  7. Replace your old toilets with 2 stage toilets: small flush for urine only and a larger flush for solid waste.For the yard:
  8. Don’t water your lawn! As a matter of fact rip out your lawn! A neighbor ripped out her lawn, switched to more drought tolerant landscaping and got a rebate from Helix Water.

The following tips are from Joy Lyndes of Coastal Sage, landscape architecture.

  1. Convert part or all of your turf areas to a drought tolerant low water use landscape. The San Diego County Water Authority has a list of great low water use plants that will provide color, fragrance, and lush foliage and help you create a beautiful garden.  Check out the Water Authority’s Guide to a WaterSmart Lifestyle.
  2. For your high water use plants like turf, at a minimum make sure you are not over-watering. Change out any old irrigation spray heads with new efficient matched-precipitation rate, pressure-regulating heads. Contact your Garden Center or The Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden the Cuyamaca Community College for more information.
  3. Consider rain water harvesting. Collect the water that falls on your yard and on your roof using micro berms and swales, or in rain-barrels for reuse later. Rain barrels can be integrated into your irrigation system.