Sign Survey

Before starting a project it is best to know what is already on the site. Are there existing signs? What type of construction is the building? Is there a ground sign that needs new faces. Our surveys are not the type performed by a civil engineer, but rather enough to generate a site plan for a remodel, a T.I. on sign installation.

We do photographic surveys and vicinity maps for various applications especially Conditional Use Permits for the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), San Diego’s downtown redevelopment agency.

We know the ropes. We have experience in signs, construction, facilities, and architecture. Where possible we will include a six-inch by six-inch square in sign photos for scaling purposes.

Call Permits And More to do your Site Surveys.

Our surveys include:

  • Site plan
  • North arrow
  • Street name(s)
  • Building / lease space dimensions
  • Sign inventory
  • Keyed photo inventory
  • Sign dimensions

We’ll make it happen!