Public Notifications

What is a public notification package?

A public notification package is a mailing to property owners, residents and business owners near certain projects or uses. The mailing is usually originated by a planning department or redevelopment agency. A public notification will usually be issued when an application is submitted for a project that will require a variance or a conditional use permit, among others.

A public notification package is sent to the owners and tenants (residential and commerical) within a specified radius of the project’s address. Some of the things that usually require public notifications are large, multi-family developments, large commerical projects, and liquor licenses. The size of the radius around the property in question varies by the intended use and the jurisdiction.

Once a public notification letter has been generated it is turned in to the requesting jurisdiction. The jurisdiction reviews the package for completeness. At the appropriate time the public in the viciinty of the project is sent a letter about the project, usually to annouce the project and let the recipients know of any upcoming public hearings regarding the project. The labels in the package are used to address the envelopes to the public in the area of the project.

What does one of our public notification packages include?

  • radius map
  • address verification
  • mailing labels
  • printout of the spreadsheet(s) that store the applicable addresses
  • CD-ROM with underlying documents

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