Code Violations

Code Violation – Busted for an unpermitted construction project?

As cities and counties try to balance their budgets, they are looking for any means to grab more money. One way is to find construction projects – in progress and already completed – that were never permitted. Finding unpermitted construction solves two problems for the cities and counties: health and safety concerns, and money.

Requiring permits insures that each structure conforms to local planning and zoning laws, as well as insuring that the construction is performed in a manner that meets the local building codes – health and safety.

Requiring permits also generates a revenue stream for the local government. When an unpermitted project is found, the property owner has to remove the construction or have an inspection done by the local building department to insure that minimum code requirements were followed. The property will also pay up to double the original permit fees.

Code Enforcement – How do code enforcement officers find violations?

Usually by being tipped off by someone. I am aware of two cases in which a disgruntled tenant had been evicted because they were behind on their rent. In both cases the former tenant knew that the dwelling unit they had rented did not meet code and called the local code compliance office.

Correcting the Violation

We have assembled a group of architects and contractors who can provide the expertise to design and construct a reasonable solution to the violation. Remediation can run anywhere from a complete tear down to just paying the fees and having the structure pass the required inspections.

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